Faculty: What's New in 3.10!

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Book: Faculty: What's New in 3.10!
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Date: Thursday, April 22, 2021, 6:08 AM

Welcome to 3.10!

Moodle 3.10 & kiteThe upgrade to 3.10 includes changes to the editing interface, but not a lot of new features.

See what's new! (Note: We're building this book as we speak, so check back in closer to Friday to see everything that's in store with this upgrade.)

Go to Top!

Finally, an answer to the Dread Moodle Death Scroll! Quickly return to the top of any page by clicking on the arrow in the lower right corner. Bliss!

Screenshot of top arrow

Menu Changes

Gear mMenuOur "Turn editing on" button has a new look! Now that its use has been incorporated in standard Moodle, you'll no longer find that function in the admin gear's drop-down menu.

New Options Palette

Adding an activity or resource is a lot more colorful in 3.10! Choose from the desired tab: All, Activities, Resources, or Recommended.

Screenshot of new menu palette

Activities Palette

Click on the Activities tab to display a set of icons for tools to engage learners.

Screenshot of new menu palette: Activities

Resources Palette

Looking to add a resource? Choose the Resources tab to quickly access the element you'd like to add to your course.

Screenshot of new menu palette: Resources

Recommended Palette

Have you ever wondered what you might be missing in Moodle? Check out the activities and resources on the Recommended tab to see what we think everyone needs in their Moodle repertoire.

Screenshot of new menu palette: Recommended

Starred Favorites Palette

And we've saved the best for last!

Select any activity or resource to generate a new Starred tab with your very own favorite assortment of Moodle content and tools.

Screenshot of new menu palette: Starring Activities

And voilĂ ! Your personalized menu for building your course.

Screenshot of new menu palette: Starred Activities Tab

Filter Participants List

Find specific sets of learners more quickly by using filters to select them. This example illustrates how you might pull a list of students who have not accessed your course for five days.

Screenshot of filter options

Screenshot of filter options

Screenshot of filter options

Quiz Completion Option

We're huge fans of using Completion tracking in courses to help learners keep track of the activities they have completed and what still needs to be done. For quizzes, though, we have only been able to track completion based on students having received a grade.

For quizzes that could be auto-graded by Moodle, that has worked just fine.... but then there are those essay and short answer questions which require manual grading. Those quizzes won't show as completed, even though the students have submitted them, until the instructor has assigned scores for the manually graded items.

No longer! Completion settings for quizzes now include requiring the submission of one or more attempts as a condition for checking off the completion box:

Screenshot of activity completion for quizzes

Woohoo! Now we can better communicate with students about the status of their quiz completion.

Folder Enhancement

The Folder resource is an excellent way to share files with our learners. It's now possible to display files in the browser instead of forcing users to download them for viewing.

Screenshot of folder setup

When force download has been disabled, a student selecting a file will see it open in their browser without having to download it first.

Screenshot of folder image display

Enhanced h5p Integration

Interested in creating interactive activities like flashcards, timelines, images with hot spots, or interactive video? Moodle's integration of h5p makes it possible to create activities within your course for your learners to experience. (See the example below, a drag and drop mini-quiz embedded in a book resource that contains the course syllabus.)

Screenshot of left navigation with Content bank highlightedGreater integration means that your hp5 activities reside in a "content bank" for easy access in any of your courses. You'll find a link for the Content bank in the left navigation panel as shown here. Selecting h5p from the Add an activity or resource menu will also take you to the Content bank.

Screenshot of book chapter with h5p quiz

Private Files Cleanup

All users have 100MB of private storage in Moodle by way of Private files. Until now, we could only delete one file at a time. The latest upgrade means that we can select multiple files for deletion at one time. (It's the little things that count!)

To delete a batch of files, open your private files by clicking on Manage private files... in the Private files block. Select the file details view from the options in the upper right corner, then choose the files you wish to delete. Click on the trash can icon to delete.

Screenshot of bulk private file deletions

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