Students: What's New in 3.10!

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Book: Students: What's New in 3.10!
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Date: Thursday, April 22, 2021, 7:18 AM

Welcome to 3.10!

Moodle 3.10 & kiteThe latest upgrade to Moodle takes us to version 3.10. Most of the changes affect editing options for faculty, but there are a few changes that will benefit all users.

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Finally, an answer to the Dread Moodle Death Scroll! Quickly return to the top of any page by clicking on the arrow in the lower right corner. Bliss!

Screenshot of top arrow

Bulk Delete Private Files

All users have 100MB of private storage in Moodle by way of Private files. Until now, we could only delete one file at a time. The latest upgrade means that we can select multiple files for deletion at one time. (It's the little things that count!)

To delete a batch of files, open your private files by clicking on Manage private files... in the Private files block. Select the file details view from the options in the upper right corner, then choose the files you wish to delete. Click on the trash can icon to delete. Save changes.

Screenshot of bulk private file deletions

View Folder Contents

The Folder resource is an excellent way for instructors to share files with you. It's now possible to display files in the browser instead of forcing you to download them for viewing.

When force download has been disabled, when you select a file, you will see it open in your browser without having to download it first.

Screenshot of folder image display