Student Guide to Moodle

Using Checklists

One feature that you may encounter is a checklist item that will list things you need to do for class. Here's an example:

Screenshot of Checklist

When you open a checklist, you'll see a list of things to accomplish for this section of the course, instructions about due dates or assignments, and your progress so far. Note that each item provides a direct link to that activity.

Screenshot of Checklist expanded

Autocheck vs. Auto/Self Check

The checklist above is set up so that the boxes will automatically be checked off as you complete the activities posted in the section. Items will be marked as complete as they get checked off on your main course page. You can tell that autocheck is in place because the check boxes are grayed out. In the example below, items will be checked off as you complete them and you can also check things off yourself. The check boxes in this case are white.

Screenshhot of Optional checklist

Your instructor may also add a course block for checklists which will allow you to quickly view your progress and link directly to a checklist.