Student Guide to Moodle

Course Icons

You'll find many different kinds of resources and activities in Moodle. Note that your instructors may post items so that you can check them off as you complete them, as shown in this example. Note that check boxes with dotted borders require you to view or post something before Moodle automatically checks them off, while check boxes with solid borders allow you to manually check off items as you complete them. Can you tell which items can be checked off by you and which ones Moodle will check off as you complete them?

Here is a quick guide to some of the most common course elements.

Web Page. A web page will contain text and may also contain web links or embedded files to be used as resources.

Files. Many kinds of files may be linked in your course site.

Book. A book may contain all kinds of things: web links, text, embedded files, audio links, video links— you name it!

Folder. A folder contains files that you can open or download to your computer.

URL. Web links may be provided for your reference.

Forum. Discussion forums offer opportunities to reflect on your learning and share ideas with your classmates.

Assignment. Links for assignments may allow you to upload files or enter text. To see your score and feedback from your instructor, reopen a link after the assignment has been graded. This guide to assignments has more information.

Quiz.Moodle calls any kind of online test a "quiz." Tests, midterms, and final exams will all appear as quizzes in Moodle.

Choice . A choice is a polling feature that your instructor might use to find out what you think about a topic or to have you sign up for a project.

Glossary . You may have the opportunity to contribute to a glossary by adding a "concept" and "definition."

Wiki. A wiki is a space for collaborative writing.

Screenshot of icons representing standard activities and resources described in this book