Student Guide to Moodle

Accessing Your Courses

Courses Not Yet Started

Courses for a new term may be available to you, but they won't appear in the list of current courses on the left until the first day of the new term. Prior to the new term start date, they will be listed on your Moodle landing page under My courses and in your dashboard under Future courses. If you don't find a course listed as a future course, keep in mind that some instructors don't make their courses available until after the start of the term, and others do not use Moodle at all.

Screenshot of future courses in dashboardBefore the term start date, look for your course in your dashboard—open the user menu in the top right corner and click on Dashboard. Click on the Courses tab, then the Future tab.

If you don't see your course for the new term, see these instructions.

Using the Dashboard