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Students: What's New in 3.5

Site: Southern Oregon University
Course: Southern Oregon University
Book: Students: What's New in 3.5
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Date: Monday, June 24, 2019, 2:08 AM

Welcome to Moodle 3.5!

Moodle 3.5 logoWe upgraded to Moodle 3.5 on September 5.

While there are not any significant changes in functionality going from version 3.3 to 3.5, there are some nuances and enhancements that we think you'll appreciate.

Let's take a look!

Enhanced Navigation: Course Elements

New "Previous" and "Next" links and a "jump to" menu make it faster and more intuitive to move from one item in your course to another. In our experience, you'll want to slow down a bit when reading forum posts to be sure you're selecting the next forum post and not the next course element! See an example on the next page.

Screenshot of new navigation links

Navigation in Forums

Take care when using links in discussion forums—it's easy to click on a link for the next item instead of the link for the next discussion thread.

Screenshot of post navigation and link navigation

Enhanced Navigation: "More..." Class Listing

If you're enrolled in numerous courses, finding the course you're looking for just got easier! If a course link does not appear in the list of courses in progress in your left navigation panel, clicking on More... at the end of the list will now bring up your dashboard, allowing you to select the In progress, Future or Past tab to locate the course you need. Remember, you can always bookmark a course main page for quick retrieval.

Screenshot of More... link and dashboard

Banners in the Dashboard

In 3.5, courses in the dashboard are highlighted with images. While abstract images are randomly assigned to courses, instructors can add a customized image to a course.

As with our prior version, the dashboard includes a course completion indicator. Note that this dial represents your progress in the course based on certain activities that you have completed. Your instructor may or may not indicate specific completion settings for course activities, so the course completion dial may not accurately record your progress in the course overall.

Screenshot of a dashboard

Recording in Atto

With this version of Moodle, you're now able to record brief audio or video clips if you're using the Atto editor. Any user can record up to two minutes in an audio or video file in any textbox that includes these tools.

Screenshot of audio file in forum post

Screenshot of video file in forum post

Record a Comment

To create an audio or video recording of up to two minutes, open a textbox using the Atto editor and click on the Show/hide advanced buttons icon on the left side of the toolbar to display more tools. Click on the appropriate icon, then click on the Start recording button. When you're done speaking, click on Stop recording, then click on Attach recording or Record again, depending on how happy you are with the result.

Note: In a forum post, click on Use advanced editor and other options to open the Atto editor.

Screenshot of toolbars

Screenshot of attach video option