Faculty: What's New in 3.10!

Welcome to 3.10!

Quiz Completion Option

We're huge fans of using Completion tracking in courses to help learners keep track of the activities they have completed and what still needs to be done. For quizzes, though, we have only been able to track completion based on students having received a grade.

For quizzes that could be auto-graded by Moodle, that has worked just fine.... but then there are those essay and short answer questions which require manual grading. Those quizzes won't show as completed, even though the students have submitted them, until the instructor has assigned scores for the manually graded items.

No longer! Completion settings for quizzes now include requiring the submission of one or more attempts as a condition for checking off the completion box:

Screenshot of activity completion for quizzes

Woohoo! Now we can better communicate with students about the status of their quiz completion.