Student Guide to Moodle

Updated and expanded guide to everything Moodle at SOU!

Participating in Discussions

Subscribe to a Forum

DiscussionMoodle makes it possible to follow a forum or a discussion thread by "subscribing" to it. Each time a person posts to the forum (or replies to a post) that you're subscribed to, you'll receive an email message. This is really handy for group projects, for instance, as you can be notified when one of your teammates has added a post.

Some forums may be set up so that everyone is subscribed without having the option to unsubscribe. Ask your instructor if you have questions about a particular forum.

As shown in the first image below, subscribe to an entire forum by opening the administration "gear" icon in the upper right corner of the forum. Click on Manage forum subscriptions to subscribe or unsubscribe to multiple forums. The second image illustrates how you can subscribe to a specific discussion thread by clicking on the Subscribe envelope icon in the forum.

To unsubscribe from a forum, reopen the admin gear and click on Unsubscribe from this forum.

Screenshot of forum subscription option

Screenshot of post with subscribe link highlighted