Student Guide to Moodle

Accessing Your Courses

Be sure you are logged into Moodle before attempting to access your courses. There are three ways to access your courses:

Screenshot of Courses available to you block

  • Courses Available to You: This block is located on the top left side of the Moodle home page. If you have registered for a course and your instructor has made it available in Moodle, it will appear under its corresponding category (for example, Fall 2017 as shown here). Click on the plus sign (+) in front of each category to see your available courses (or click on the minus sign () to hide them again). Click on the course name to open your course.

Notes: You can hide this entire block by clicking on its title bar. If you don't see any categories at all under the heading, it's possible you hid them by mistake. If so, click once on the title bar to bring them back.

Don't panic if the category for your next term is not listed in this block—that just means that none of your instructors has made any of your new course sites available yet. See "What to Do If Courses are Missing" on the next page for more information.
  • My courses: This list is located in the center column under announcements and links to Moodle guides. Courses for the current term are listed first, followed by any courses from prior terms that are still available to you. (You cannot hide any courses in this list. The only way to remove a course from the list is to ask the instructor to make it unavailable.)

  • Screenshot of User menu with Dashboard highlightedDashboardDashboard: While you cannot adjust the Moodle home page where you land after logging in, it is possible to customize your "Dashboard" to display the courses that you want to see now and hide the rest. To access your Dashboard, click on your name in the upper right corner and use the pull-down icon to open the user menu. Click on Dashboard. These instructions explain how to customize your course list. Once your page is customized, just click on "Dashboard" after you log in and you'll be ready to open the courses that you need today.