Student Guide to Moodle

Updated and expanded guide to everything Moodle at SOU!

Participating in Discussions

Editing Text

When you add a discussion topic, you'll have a full editor in the textbox, but a reply textbox features a simple interface for entering plain text.

Screenshot with Advanced editor highlightedTo add a file to a topic or to access editing tools, click on the Advanced link in the lower right corner. Once you open this editor, you'll be able to use all of the formatting options available in our normal HTML editor.

Copy & Pasting: If you draft your response outside of Moodle, copy what you have written using Ctrl+C or Command+C. Use Ctrl+V or Command+V to paste what you copied into the new text box (right-clicking and pasting will not work online due to browser limitations).

This complete guide to editing text describes the icons that you'll encounter in Moodle text boxes. Be sure to note the helpful hints provided along the way.

Screenshot of advanced editing interface