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This book contains information about changes to Moodle.

Welcome to Moodle 2.8!

2.8 announcement

Our move to Moodle 2.8 is less about new features and more about enhancements to existing features, especially advanced features such as creating quizzes and using the grade book. Students will see no change in functionality in this version.

  • If you don't use quizzes and the grade book, go ahead and skip the related pages in this book. You will want to know about File Attachments for Assignment LinksHidden Sections and Enrollment Changes, so don't miss those pages.
  • If you do use quizzes and the grade book, you'll want to check out the related pages here and be sure to let us know if you have any questions.

  • If you're interested in web conferencing, be sure to read about Zoom, our new application that can be easily integrated in a Moodle course site.

Happy Moodling from your friends in the Center for Instructional Support!