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This book contains information about changes to Moodle.

Quiz Enhancements

Add Questions from a Test Bank

Categories and question banks work the same way in 2.8 as they did in 2.7. To add questions from a question bank, click on the Add link and select + from question bank from the pull-down menu. Insert question

From the Select a category pull-down menu, choose the desired test bank.

Once you select the pool of questions you would like to use, those questions will be displayed on your screen for you to make your selections.

Use the boxes adjacent to the questions to select questions. The check box at the top of the column allows you to select all of the questions at once if you wish.

To preview a question, click on the magnifying glass icon on its right. When you have chosen all of the questions you wish to add, click on Add selected questions to the quiz to return to the quiz canvas.

The next page shows how the canvas will look with the questions you have selected.