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This book contains information about changes to Moodle.

Enrollment Changes

Banner Crosslisted Courses

Missing CourseOn July 21, we updated the data file being sent from Banner to Moodle relating to sites that were cross-listed in Banner. There is a slight possibility that you may have worked in a site that is no longer accessible to you—we'll get it back, it's still there!

Here's what's new:

Summer and fall courses were created using a new system for transferring data from Banner to Moodle. Course enrollment data will be more accurate as a result, BUT for those two terms, faculty teaching cross-listed courses initially had access to the subsections of their course as well as the master combined course. For example, if you were teaching BA 488/588, you would have three sections on your Moodle home page: BA 488, BA 588, and BA 488/588.

Thanks to our friends in IT, we have been able to move the subsections into a hidden category and get them out of your way.

Back to our missing course scenario—it's possible that some faculty had begun building out their sites in one of the sections that have now been tucked out of the way. If you are missing a course that you were working in, send an email to disteducation@sou.edu and we'll copy the content into the combined course site for you.