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This book contains information about changes to Moodle.

Grade Book Overhaul

Setup Options

The interface for working with items on the Setup page has also changed.

The Way We Were

When we used the Categories and Items page to set up a grade book, we had two views of our categories and items: Simple view and Full view. The Full view option was the page we used for advanced settings like identifying items as extra credit or arranging to have the lowest quiz score dropped.

Edit gradeWhat's New

There's only one view of the Setup page. To make adjustments to an item or category, click on the Edit pull-down menu associated with it, then select Edit settings.

Note: The options available to you will depend on the grade item itself. You'll have the greatest number of options for items that you create manually in the grade book. You'll have fewer options for items like forums, assignments, and quizzes that you create on your course main pageā€”some changes (such as point values) have to be made by updating the item itself back on the course main page.

Up next.....

On the next page, you'll see how to identify an item as extra credit.