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This book contains information about changes to Moodle.

Grade Book Overhaul

Extra Credit

Let's say that you want to make the Week 1 Forum extra credit.

  1. Begin by clicking on the Edit link associated with it, then selecting Edit settings.

Extra credit

  1. Check the Extra credit box shown here at right, then Save changes.

  2. (Note that you can only change the point value for a forum, quiz or assignment by returning to the course main page and updating the grade in the item's administration page.)
  1. When you return to the Setup page, you'll find that the item you have marked for extra credit has a plus sign next to it, as shown here. In addition, the course total (now 220 instead of 230) and item weights have been updated to exclude the extra credit points. The weights of the three normally calculated items now total 100%, while the weight for the extra credit forum is not included in the total weight calculation.