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This book contains information about changes to Moodle.

Grade Book Overhaul

"Single" View: Items

Single viewVersion 2.8's new Single view option is handy for entering grades in a manually created item. It's also useful for quickly reviewing all of a specific student's grades or for seeing all of your students' grades for a particular item.

To access this view, click on the Single view link just below the function tabs.

On the Single view page, you can use the pull-down menus to choose to display a particular grade item to either view or enter grades for that item OR choose a particular user to view or enter grades for a specific student.

In the example shown here, the grade item Presentation was selected. Note that it's possible to select the preceding item (Week 1 Forum) or the following item (Term Paper) by clicking on their links.

You can enter a score for each student in a grade box as well as enter feedback for students in the fields provided.

You'll find an option for "bulk inserting" grades at the bottom of the page. You can either fill all grades in with a particular score or enter 0 for students who did not complete the assignment.

Be sure to click Update to record the scores you have entered.