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This book contains information about changes to Moodle.

Grade Book Overhaul

"Single" View: Student


If you selected an item to view or enter grades, you can quickly switch over to viewing/entering the grades of a particular student. Adjacent to each student's name is a pencil icon. Click on theĀ pencil to bring up that student's list of grades as shown in the example here at left.

User gradesThe student grade page looks very similar to the item page, including being able to switch from the previous student to the next student by clicking on the links labeled with their names at the top of the page.

One difference on this page is that the grade and feedback fields for the Attendance activity are lightly shaded out and you cannot enter scores directly in those boxes. That is because scores for Attendance are entered directly in the activity link itself rather than in the grade book. If you wish, you can choose to Override that control and enter a score from this page. Be sure to click on Update to record any changes you make.

To switch to a view of all students for a particular item, click on the pencil adjacent to the item name in the Grade item column on the left.