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This book contains information about changes to Moodle.

Group Settings

Version 2.9 offers a few handy refinements to working with groups.

Restrict Access

restrictionsIf you frequently work with groups and sometimes restrict access to an item to specific groups, version 2.9 makes that process easier.

Once you set an item for separate or visible groups in the Common module settings area, a new button lets you indicate that the item is going to be restricted to a specific group.

Nothing will change in the Common module settings area, but when you open the Restrict access menu, group restriction options will be displayed. Choose the desired group—don't forget to click on the eyeball if you want the item to be hidden from all students except those enrolled in the selected group. Visible or hidden, only the students belonging to the designated group will be able to access the item.

Limit Submissions

In 2.9, you can specify in the Group submission settings options area that only students in a group can submit to an assignment link. Selecting the Require group to make a submission option will restrict the Add submission link to students enrolled in a group for that assignment.