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Attendance Settings, Part 1

The Attendance feature has long been a favorite of ours here in Moodle Central! And it's even better in 2.9!

One of the limitations of this feature has been that you only had one set to pull from in describing a student's status for a class session. (Found on the Settings tab, the default set is P L E A — Present, Late, Excused, and Absent.)

Now, you can create additional status sets to track other elements (participation, pop quiz results, task engagement, etc.).

Possible Applications

There are many possibilities for applying this new feature:

  • Create a status set to reflect participation in a special activity such as peer review, interviews, guest speakers, presentations, etc.
  • Use a new set to record the results of pop quizzes or in-class writing exercises.
  • Activate the option to Allow students to record own attendance and have them rate their participation.

Can you think of other ways to use this feature? Let us know!

Create a New Status Set

In the Settings tab, select New set of statuses from the pull-down menu provided in the upper left corner.

Add status set

Provide an acronym, description and point value for the first status in this new set and click on Add.

New status set

Repeat these steps until the new set is complete. Click on Update to save the new set.

New status set

To apply the new status set to a series of sessions, click on the Add tab and enter information about the sessions where you would like the new status set to be applied. Select Status set 2 from the Use status set pull-down menu. When it's time to record the results for one of these new sessions, the new set of status options will be displayed.

Select status set