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This book contains information about changes to Moodle.

Update! Attendance Setup

If you use Moodle's Attendance feature (and we hope you do—it's easy to use and is an effective tool in supporting student success), you'll find that elements in the Add session interface have been rearranged a bit. Note that the course end date has been shifted to the bottom of the dialogue box. We think you'll like the new layout:

Add sessions

Bonus Tip: The starred option to allow students to record their own attendance may sound crazy at first, but there are some interesting things you could do with this function. For instance, you could create a set of student status options based on how confident students were feeling about their progress in the course or their mastery of the content ranging from not at all confident to very confident. You could then add a series of weekly "sessions" tied to that status set and select the option to have students record their response to your prompt. See the complete guide to Attendance for more ideas and instructions for creating additional status sets or check out the related video in the Moodle Support Theater site.