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This book contains information about changes to Moodle.

Create New Question Types

If you're looking to expand quiz questions beyond simple true/false and multiple choice, Moodle 3.0 has a deal for you: multiple answer questions, two types of fill-in-the-missing-word questions, and drag-answers-over-an-image questions. For assistance in creating any of these question types, contact the Center for Instructional Support.

"All-or-Nothing" multiple choice questions

The most accessible of the new question types, this multiple answer question type requires students to correct indicate all of the correct answers to a question in order to receive full credit for the question. These images illustrate how to indicate a correct choice (at right) and what the resulting question looks like (below).

All or nothing preview

All or nothing set-up

Drag and drop into text questions

This question type allows you to set up a series of blanks with corresponding choices. Students drag and drop their selection into the blanks provided. Be sure to ask for assistance if you'd like to try this question type—setting it up is a bit of a convoluted process, although it's not difficult once you know how.

Drag and drop text

Missing word questions

This question type is similar to the drag and drop into text type, but instead of dragging, students select the correct response from a drop-down menu. Again, ask for help with this question type if you'd like to try it.

Missing words

Drag and drop onto image questions

The most sophisticated (read complicated!) of the new question types, this kind of question requires students to drag and drop text onto an image in order to demonstrate their understanding. Not surprisingly, it is even more complicated than the preceding types to set up, but we're here to help!