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This book contains information about changes to Moodle.

New: Recycle Bin!

Recycle bin

For all of us who have hit delete just a little too quickly, the latest version of Moodle offers a safety net! Deleted items fall into a recycle bin, allowing you to retrieve a resource or activity that you didn't mean to remove from your course.

Important things to know about the recycle bin:

  • Any student work submitted to an activity will be restored!
  • Grade items that you create manually in the gradebook will NOT be restored—always use caution when deleting items in your gradebook!
  • A restored item will be displayed in the section from which it was deleted, but it will appear at the bottom of the section regardless of its original position in the section—you can drag and drop it back into the correct position after restoring it.
  • After seven days, an item will be deleted from the recycle bin automatically.

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