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This book contains information about changes to Moodle.

New: VeriCite Plagiarism Checker

VeriCite logoDue to significantly rising costs and diminishing customer service and reliability, a group of faculty and staff explored alternative plagiarism detection services in anticipation of the end of our contract with Turnitin this spring. Based on the committee's recommendation, VeriCite has been selected as our new service. VeriCite has been activated in Moodle so that faculty and students can begin becoming acquainted with it this term.

Besides being much cheaper and affording similar levels of service, VeriCite offers these advantages over Turnitin:

  • Simpler set up due to full integration with Moodle assignment links — just activate VeriCite within a regular assignment link.
  • Assignments can be copied — no need to replace assignment links when we import courses from prior terms.
  • Less confusion for students — there's just one kind of assignment link for them to keep track of and respond to.
  • No wait time between submissions — students no longer have to wait 24 hours to resubmit for a new originality report.
  • No national repository — student work is submitted to an institutional repository and does not become part of any external entity's database, eliminating some intellectual property concerns posed by Turnitin.

See this faculty user guide for more details and check out the new VeriCite interface today!