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This book contains information about changes to Moodle.

Course Evaluation Links

Setting Up the Link

Download the guide

A link will be embedded in every course shell for your convenience. Access to the link is restricted to the course evaluation period, the last two and a half weeks of the term. It will be completely hidden from students the rest of the time.

To make the link work as it should, you need to connect it to the course evaluation system:

  1. Turn editing on in your course.
  2. Click on the Edit link associated with the External tool icon Course evaluation item.
  3. Click on Edit settings.
  4. Open the Preconfigured tool pull-down menu and select WDYT .
  5. In the Grade option area, use the Grade Type pull-down menu to select None . No other fields need to be adjusted.
  6. Scroll down and Save changes.

Screenshots of course evaluation link and subsequent pages