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This book contains information about changes to Moodle.

Basics Guide to 3.3!

Work Better Faster!

eThink rockerWith the move to eThink and upgrade to version 3.3, we're able to add new tools to help us do our work. Check out these features:

  • Update assignment and quiz due dates from one page!
  • Collapsed topic format reduces scrolling.
  • Marking Manager block makes grading easier.

Look for these other options in the New Features in 3.3 book:

  • Set Completion Tracking settings for multiple items.
  • Show students who is in their groups.
  • Enable students to sign up for appointments—and assign points for attendance (great for oral exam or presentation sign-ups!).
  • The "journal" feature is back!
  • Accessibility features for all users—increase the font size and contrast of your personal Moodle view. Settings can be saved.