🆕 Calling all Moodlers! 🆕 New to Moodle! 🆕

What's new in Moodle...


You may have wondered about the new notices that you've started receiving about assignments that are due (or overdue!). That's a new app designed to help us keep track of upcoming due dates. Students can learn more about reminders and faculty can find out how to manage them.

File Conversions

Screenshot of convertible files and conversion optionsWe're very excited about a new set of tools that will help us make our Moodle courses more accessible to all Moodlers. The most visible tool is a file conversion app that lets you request a different type of file than the one posted in your course. A pdf, for instance, can be converted to a variety of text file types, naturally, BUT it can also be converted to an audio file (featuring natural phrasing and intonation—and you can choose the playback speed!), an e-reader file (with a choice of formats!), or a Braille file. Conversion options vary with the type of file posted. 

Students, read more about converting files.
Faculty, learn more about file conversions

Board Activity

The new "Board" activity is like a bulletin board that anyone can use to share an idea, a web link, an image or a YouTube video. Post your contribution quickly and easily.

Students, learn how to contribute to a board.
Faculty, learn how to set up a board in your course.

Screenshot of board activity