Moodle logo and 3.11 on a rising hot air balloonUp, Up and Away with Moodle 3.11!

Moodle 3.11 has just a few new features for students—no heavy lifting required to use the upgraded version!

Activity Completion

The most obvious change you will see is a new interface for keeping track of the activities you have completed and the resources you have accessed. Instead of small boxes in the right margin, you'll find them right under the name of the item on the course page. You'll also see them inside an item when you open its link.

You can check off items that have a solid gray box, while boxes that have dotted borders require you to do something to earn a checkmark. Hovering over the checkbox will bring up a textbox indicating what needs to be done to complete the item. Here's an example:

Annotated screenshot illustrating completion settings

Any due dates that your instructor enters will also be shown on the course page, along with the dates and times that quizzes will be open.

A/V Playback Speed

Another change is that we can now control the playback speed of audio and video messages recorded in Moodle's textboxes (see related article). The control is located in the lower border of the recording frame as highlighted here:

Screenshot of a video player with the speed setting highlighted

And that's it for what's new in 3.11! Happy Moodling!