Faculty: Important Reminder About Grades

Important Reminder About Grades


If you are using Moodle's grade book, there are a couple of things you want to be sure to check before finalizing your grades:

  • By default, Moodle is set up to exclude empty cells as it calculates grades ("Aggregate only non-empty grades"). To correctly calculate student scores, enter zeroes for assignments that were not submitted.
  • Switch to the User Report view in your grade book and review the grade report for several users. If you find that some students have greater than 100% possible for any category, it is likely that there are items set as extra credit in the category. Click on the Setup tab, then review your grade items to make sure that extra credit status is applied correctly (read more about assigning extra credit).
  • If you keep an Excel version of your grades, double check to verify that Moodle's idea of alphabetical order and your student list agree.
  • Speaking of Excel, we recommend exporting your gradebook for future reference.

If you need assistance, please email Bill Bateman at batemanw@sou.edu or Hart Wilson at wilsonh@sou.edu.

Last modified: Friday, March 16, 2018, 3:18 PM